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A mid-year 2020 Deloitte report on the Engineering & Construction (E&C) industry advises: The pandemic is pushing construction companies to increasingly use drones for remote surveillance and inspection of construction projects and to mitigate disruption in certain construction activities. The extent of digital adoption by E&C firms is likely to play a pivotal role in their ability to recover and thrive in the coming months; and, increasingly, an ecosystem approach is one way of accelerating the adoption. To remain competitive, E&C firms should accelerate their digital transformation to accommodate many of the workplace changes brought on by COVID-19.


And for Mining, government funded initiatives address these same goals for digitalization. The EU-funded Goldeneye project is developing a platform to allow satellites, drones and sensors to collect high-resolution data from an entire mine. This data will be converted into actionable intelligence to be used for safety, environmental observation, more efficient exploitation and increased extraction.

In this vein, Sitemark brings several new features to their platform to specifically support digitalization for construction and mining stakeholders.

Surface Cleanup/Terrain Removal

Perhaps you want to measure a stockpile, but a conveyor belt is in the way. Or you need to determine the surface length of a road, but you forgot to move your car. Or you want to measure how much earth you have to move, but a tree is blocking your view.

Luckily, there is a Surface Cleanup tool to help in all of these cases. Surface Cleanup allows you to alter the digital elevation model of an operation. This means you can clear the terrain to remove objects that are obstructing measurements.This useful feature saves time and improves accuracy when measuring volumes. Surface cleanups work for all types of 3D measurements, so surface lengths or elevation profiles can also benefit from this feature.

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