Optimizing the value of your investment throughout the life cycle of a renewable energy plant

The life cycle of a renewable energy plant (solar, wind) starts from the time of estimating, designing, constructing, and grid connecting; then operating and maintaining, and ends with dismantling, handling and upgrading the plant.

The plant is well-designed, well-built, optimal operation and maintenance to maintain long-term power output, less incidents and prolong the life span from which investors’ profits are guaranteed. Services from AI Dynamix help factories optimize operations and maintenance to help plant depreciate more slowly, keep and increase asset value, and facilitate mergers and acquisitions.

Thermal Images Inspection Service using Drone

Using Drones and Multi-spectral Camera to help analyze the quality of the whole solar plant quickly and accurately. AI Dynamix’s thermal flight service also provides benefits to customers:

  • The award-winning AI system enables automatic isolating and identification of faulty panels to minimize flight time and provide quick fixes.

  • Reporting system complying with European standard IEC-TS-62446 together with Data management system allow customers to keep factory history in a unified and transparent way.

  • Power loss analysis from thermal images with the same accuracy as IV-Curve measurement.

Solar Plant Monitoring System

Compared with traditional energy plants, solar power plants have fewer types of equipment and assets, but they are located on a large area and difficult to access. AI Dynamix’s monitoring system helps investors and operators:

  • Digitalize entire project as database and track real-time metrics and status through IoT technology.

  • Store data on domestic or local servers to ensure that the entire digital history of the factory is stored for convenient analysis, sharing to shareholders or buying and selling later.

  • Optimization: AI Dynamix’s experts with experience consulting and analyzing data from solar power plants worldwide will provide optimal services to help your factory operate at its best.

Other Services

Digital transformation is an inevitable trend for every factory. Our mission is to help you to exploit existing data to maximize profits.

  • Measure IV-Curve: Our partner will provide the battery and string measurement service for the factory. We will analyze in depth the results and make recommendations.

  • SCADA data analysis services (Fault Detection, Assessment, PR Estimation, Loss Analysis): If the factory has an available SCADA system and stored data, Dynamix AI can analyze with you. We can also help you build a SCADA system if you haven’t had already.

  • Technology transfer: If you see AI Dynamix technology can help solve problems in different fields, we are pleased to transfer to cooperate

Let AI Dynamix accompany you and your success

With experts for nearly 10 years of intensive research on solar power at the leading research institutes in the world as well as participating in the development of European standards, together with a team that has participated in top solar power projects in Vietnam, AI Dynamix looks forward to working with industry partners to promote Vietnam’s energy industry. AI Dynamix shares its values:


Our country has enormous potential for renewable energy. However, there is another bigger potential, the people. AI Dynamix believes that we cannot only be at the forefront of renewable energy, but are also ready to participate in a larger playing ground at regional and international levels.


Like other industries, the renewable energy industry is an ecosystem in which developers, builders, operators, and technology service companies, etc. together compete and cooperate. That is also the way to enrich the ecosystem and develop the full potential of each component.


Every company needs revenue to survive and time to develop its human resources to reach international levels. By cooperating and sharing benefits with each other, we can move towards more sustainable values and long-term benefits.


We use Drones and Dedicated Cameras to check the status of the Solar Panel system.


We analyze data based on professional computer tools and expert experience to deliver the most accurate reports on your system.


We are affiliated with research units applying the latest technologies such as IoT, Robot AI to support the operation of renewable energy plants.

The product is the result of the search for innovative solutions to the problem.

Please share the problems your company is facing, AI Dynamix will discuss solutions together.